Art groups of Alytus Culture Center

Art groups are open to partnerships and can offer a wide variety of artistic programs. If you would like to collaborate or book an art program, please contact Cultural Center Deputy for Art Vita Sakavičiūtė.

Deputy Director for Arts 
Vita Sakavičiūtė
+370 629 49462

Folk Art Group „Dainava“

,,Dainava“ is a folk art group that brings together more than one hundred members . Their Lithuanian folk dances and choral songs have been making Alytus region well known since 1977. A wide variety of musical instruments and dancers of all ages , „Dainava“ has it all. The group has visited almost every continent of the world and has no plans to stop. The head of the folk art group Arvydas Mikalauskas performs intensively with „Dainava“ and also organizes international festivals every year .

Kolektyvo vadovas
Arvydas Mikalauskas
+370 687 208 84

Circus Group „Dzūkija“

,,Dzūkija” is one of the few circus groups in Lithuania. It was established in 1982 and is active to this day. The activities of ,,Dzūkija” are not limited to the preparation of acrobatic programs and concerts: artists have great achievements in Lithuanian and foreign competitions, festivals and television projects . In summer, members of the group practise their skills in interactive circus camps. They are trained by longtime circus artists Jurgita Bujanauskaitė and Albertas Chazbijavičius.

Meno vadovė 
Jurgita Bujanauskaitė
+370 686 213 03

Chamber Music Choir „Varsa“

,,Varsa” is a chamber music choir, founded in 1972 in Alytus cotton factory. Today it includes Alytus city residents, who enjoy contemporary and classical choral music repertoire. The choir has visited many Lithuanian cities and organizes annual tours to foreign countries. High ambitions helped them to accomplish great achievements in choral music competitions . Art director: Vidas Simanauskas.

Vidas Simanauskas

Meno vadovas
Vidas Simanauskas

+370 672 521 24

Creative Studio „Alytaus Miestelėnai“

,,Alytaus miestelėnai“ is a unique creative studio that revives popular dances that were popular in 1930s and 1940s Lithuania: tango, foxtrot, waltz, polka . The style of interwar Lithuania is evident not only in choreography but also in authentic dancers’ costumes. The group performs all over Lithuania, representing the city of Alytus at the highest level as well as entertaining foreign audiences . Art director: Vidmantas Ežerskis.

Vidmantas Ežerskis

Meno vadovas
Vidmantas Ežerskis

+370 698 041 68

Choir of Political Prisoners and Deportees „Atmintis“

Choir of Political Prisoners and Deportees,,Atmintis“ was formed in 1988. Members of the choir are patriots, who love their country and this is especially reflected in their repertoire. Choir actively participates and performs in city festivals, public holidays and gatherings. Since the restoration of Lithuania’s independence, the choir “Atmintis” has participated in all national song festivals, which makes them very unique . Choir leader Vidas Simanauskas is pleased to be able to lead such a unanimous group, uniting not only the deportees temselves, but also their family members.

Vidas Simanauskas

Meno kolektyvo vadovas
Vidas Simanauskas

+370 672 521 24

Folk Art Group „Žvangucis“

,,Žvangucis‘‘ is a folk art group, founded in 2014. Residents of Alytus city, who cherish the old traditions of Dzūkija region gather here to sing, dance and play authentic music. Young and old, people of all ages are part of this folk art group. „Žvangucis“ actively performs not only in Alytus, but also in all over Lithuania. Art director: Jūratė Fedaravičienė.

Meno vadovas
Jūratė Fedaravičienė

+370 672 987 03

Theater Studio „Apartė“

Creative Theater Studio is open to anyone who enjoys comedy, drama or tragedy. The newly opened theater studio is open to people of all ages. A creative leader of the group director Arvydas Kinderis helps team members to develop their potential for acting and create a joint cultural product .

Arvydas Kinderis

Būrelio vadovas
Arvydas Kinderis

+370 610 145 64